Letter to a Chinese friend

1 February 2020

My dear friend, my Chinese friend. Today you are special to me because we are concerned about the things that are happening. But we are all akin because of the challenges that Creation, as it sometimes does, presents us with. I am sure that the solution will be found; I am sure that soon harmony will return to calm our thoughts.

Your Government, the Governments all over the world are already working hard, and I know that soon they will find a way to return to the happy time of family, of work, to the infinitely blue Heaven that always looks upon us with a benevolent eye. Science, love and the will to live are joining forces to understand what is happening, and the good result of the action of many is certain, and will honour all humanity.

Dear special friend, your age-old Culture is the one that lives in you, the one that gives you and all of us, your brothers, mutual trust and hope in the best of times. The history of mankind is marked by moments of difficulty, but what has always prevailed has always been our human value, the joy of living in Creation, of loving and cherishing it. This has always been instrumental in raising our heads again and returning to look at the stars, this has always been more important than economic concerns.

The spring of life will soon return, and with it we - together with our families - will once again breathe in the scent of flowers, listening to the sweet and serene sound of the wind.

My Chinese friend, mine are ancient words of tradition, but for this very reason they are endearing and long-lasting, they are the casket that contains the benefit of the future. For many thousands of years a great number of people have heard them from other people older than them, and all those who have acted according to those words have gone back to a serene life.

To live on this earth in harmony with Creation, this would be a happy reality. I am writing to you from afar, from my beloved Italy, and I know that you too love my land as I am in love with your thousand-year-old Celestial Empire. At night, when no noise is heard, my heart flies towards you, and I have the feeling that I can see you, in the countryside, in a village, in a big city. And so you are not far away for me, but near. Our everyday life, like that of all humanity, inspires us to be full of love for Creation, and in this, precisely in this lies the extraordinary strength that will give life the beauty that each one of us desires. Let us therefore live and worry in a natural manner, let us not feel alone, let us embrace with all our strength the love for Creation, and Creation will reward us.

With affection,