Letter to the sages of Humanity

The Three Philosophers, Giorgione, 1508-1509, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna © The Picture Art Collection / Alamy Foto Stock

Solomeo, 9 August 2022

Women and men who, with humanity and wisdom, bear responsibility for the destinies of Creation, you will be aware that in the difficult days and transitions that have lasted a time that can no longer be referred to as short, something, like some painful destiny, has now become our habitual companion. For two years, a virus has been roaming around the world, which like a malignant Proteus has a thousand lives and ever-changing forms, and, like the waves of a dark sea, it recedes as a low tide to then return, silently, meter after meter, often stealing lives along with our ever-renewed hope. You are aware that last year it seemed to us at times that we had left behind this reality that we had tried to ignore, pretended to overlook, but that nevertheless was part of every conversation, pervading our minds as we fell asleep, becoming the tiresome guest in our heads in every single instant of the day, it denied us the happiness of living together with our families and working, and the joy of being in harmony with nature.

The landscapes that caressed my soul throughout a beautiful childhood spent in the fields, together and within Creation, embraced by Mother Earth, those enchanted landscapes seem so far away to me today! Nature renews itself and by renewing itself, it strengthens, and it is the same for us, ritual is at the very foundation of history, a story of beauty. How many nights, as a young boy, I would go to the window, and the moon, as if it were there waiting for me, would be shining fresh and bright, and I dreamt about what was in the sky and beyond the horizon. The sky has a great responsibility, and in the meantime, we are waiting for old age so that we can recall our memories with our grandchildren, not boring senile sentences, but useful reminders of a youth where our person and nature were so close that they seemed to be one.

Today the sleep of reason has awakened an ancient demon, namely war, which Tolstoy, in his greatness, considered an “event opposed to human reason and human nature”. This ugly soul of the world peeps out again with all its inherent material and spiritual desolation, and because of this, the burden we carry on our shoulders becomes even heavier. Nevertheless, as St. Augustine prayed, “O God, thank you for sending me pain as a teacher”. Pain makes us stronger, it brings us back to core values and it unites us. This Creation, whose silent universal language we perceive, still tells us that life is all before us, for an infinite time. We know, as human creatures, that even the poorest person is still a person, and bears the name of sister and brother living together, helping each other, and then all together, like in an immense universal embrace. It is along this road that we will reach peace. We expect the answers to come from your wisdom so that all of this becomes relevant for all of humanity.

Hafez, a 14th-century Persian mystical poet, reminded us that we can rebuild a different world and a new humanity. This is what we believe in. The teaching of a lifetime, for us and for all men, it is something that you sages know. The sky, the stars and Creation are the origin of our essence and their consistency is perennial and not contingent. Sometimes, as in the conjuncture of our days, this reality may appear less clear, the strength of our courage to believe may fail, but for this very reason, as Emperor Marcus Aurelius thought, we must be in agreement with every note of the divine harmony of Creation, and it “will grant us good visions”.

And I appeal to you, women and men, temporary guardians who rule the destinies of the world, because now seems to be time for a contract, for a new social contract extended not to individual parts, but to Creation as a whole. We may believe that it is difficult to recognize the path to follow, but we only have to gaze into the distance, straight ahead. Therefore, we will see clearly, and we will know which laws to write on the tablets of a new alliance with the universe. When we are once again able to experience the solemnity of silence, the beauty of a ploughed field, black and fertile, the tenderness of the vaporous drops of the mists, the wind that makes the clouds dance, when we have finally returned to being loving children of the planet that hosts us, then we will know how to respect it again, and having emerged from the enclosures of pain, we will have an infinite, endless new life before us. It is to you that we turn, to the answers you will give, so that these expectations, these dreams, these visions become the new life of humanity.

The paths of the soul are clear, giving way to the sky as it turns back to blue.