The School of Contemporary
High Craftsmanship and
Arts in Solomeo

At least until a few years ago, a young man or woman would be reluctant to tell their friends that they were employed in a field that required manual work. Something was preventing them from seeing and realising the true value and the creativity of their hands and eyes, despite the fact that all young Italians have one essential quality in common: a rare spirit of adaptation, both in Italy and abroad.

To prevent our youth from forsaking our heritage, Brunello Cucinelli decided to establish the School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts in Solomeo, drawing inspiration from the great visionaries John Ruskin and William Morris, with their Arts and Crafts movement.

"The School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts in Solomeo"

A building in the classical style was specially constructed for the School of Solomeo and some rooms in the castle, which until recently housed the company's workshops, have been converted into classrooms.

Students and teachers at work at the School of Men’s Tailoring.

The artisans of tomorrow have been trained here for several years already: they are learning the different arts and crafts that were once the glory of Italian creativity.

Illustration by Sunflowerman

Here technology is not banned, but it is there to serve the hands and the eyes of our artisans. As it was the case for the workshops from the past, here crafts are taught in a practical manner under the guide of a master: Pattern Making and Women’s Tailoring, Cutting and Men’s Tailoring, Mending and Linking, Horticulture, Gardening and Masonry.

Students and teachers of the School of Women’s Tailoring and Pattern Making in class.

By attending these courses for 8 hours a day maximum and by receiving their monthly scholarship, many young people have had the opportunity to understand and appreciate the true value of craftsmanship as an art form, they have become enthusiastic about it and are no longer embarrassed to talk about their job, because they are excited about it. And the benefit is not only theirs to enjoy, as it goes hand in hand with the glorious revival of our craftsmanship, giving moral and economic dignity to artisanal work.

1- Illustration by Sunflowerman

2- "I will devise an invention that will mean great things." (Leonardo)

Applications are open

You can apply for the courses organized at The School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts in Solomeo for the following subjects:

  • Fashion Master: Pattern Making and Women’s Tailoring (three-year course)
  • Men’s Tailoring (three-year course)
  • Linking (one-year course)
  • Knitwear Mending (one-year course)
  • Knitting (one-year course)
  • Ironing (one-year course)

View of the School of Textile Arts in the hamlet of Solomeo

For more information:
Tel. 075/582741 (9:00 AM-1:00 PM, 3:00 PM-6:00PM)

Brunello Cucinelli at the School of Men's Tailoring