Culture brings people together, gives food for thought and feeds the soul. Love for the Art, the sensitivity to harmony and beauty, a passion for Culture and the desire to spread it in all its forms are the principles behind the activities and events that, in the quiet summer nights, enliven the acropolis of Solomeo. Symphonies and thoughts spill onto the streets and squares of the old Umbrian hamlet from the Theater stage and the rooms of the Aurelian Neo-Humanistic Academy.

The Villa Solomei Festival, which was established in 1998 in memory of the beloved priest Don Alberto Seri, plays a key role in getting great – mostly classical – music across to people, bringing together, every year, musicians and composers from the Italian and international music scene. Traditional melodies from beautiful ancient and faraway places welcome the audience in the hamlet’s most iconic locations. The Festival, which is held every year in the first few weeks of summer and is organized by the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, is the natural expression of the humanistic and cultural values that lie behind the Foundation’s actions.

During the summer months, the event “Renaissance Solomeo” whisks the acropolis back in time. Since 1979, this stunning event has brought back those customs and flavors from the past, recalling and recreating the old traditions. Visitors can enjoy the traditional Umbrian dishes, while skillful artisans, jesters, minstrels and cantors liven up downtown Solomeo with their folk songs and games played in the streets. Renaissance Solomeo takes place every year in the last ten days of July, and it is organized by the Solomeo Philharmonic in collaboration with the hamlet’s residents.

“The Seventh Art – Cinema at the Amphitheater” is a cultural event established in the summer of 2019 to bring cinematographic art to the places of the hamlet dedicated to culture and dialogue. The schedule was designed as a tribute to the greatest cult movies of the past and the present, to relive emotions, as well as memorable lines and images. The Amphitheater – which, together with the Theater and the Aurelian Neo-Humanistic Academy, is part of the Forum of the Arts – serves as the breathtaking backdrop for the night outdoor screenings.

Logo of the cultural event “Seventh Art – Cinema at the Amphitheater”