"GQ’s Designer of the Year 2021"

Brunello Cucinelli named designer of the year by British GQ magazine

On 1 September, 2021 in London, in the enchanting location of the Tate Modern Museum, Brunello Cucinelli received the "Designer of the Year" award from British GQ magazine. The award was presented at the XXIV edition of "GQ Men of the Year", which represents one of the greatest occasions for personalities from the worlds of performance, cinema and international fashion to meet.

Brunello Cucinelli and his father Umberto, to whom he dedicated the “Designer of the Year 2021” award

"I would like to dedicate my award to the minds and hearts of women and men of every epoch and from every corner of the world and to my teachers whose enlightened words taught me a universal vision of Creation and that humanistic capitalism which is so kindly and widely attributed to me. Precisely thanks to humanistic capitalism, in our work we have discovered and nurtured the moral and economic dignity of humans, gentle economic growth, harmony between profit and generosity, and respect for Creation, a small part of which I feel I have been called upon to be a faithful and caring guardian. Finally, I’d like to dedicate this prestigious award to my father, who is nearly one hundred years old and still reminds me every day to be a good person. Thank you to everyone and thank you GQ!"

Brunello Cucinelli surrounded by workers in the company’s park with the award given by British GQ