A Fair Working Life

12 June 2012

The very same moderation and grace that should be applied to the way we use things should also be true for our working life. Using things, working, studying, praying are all aspects of human life that are strictly tied to our human nature. A fair working life rests on the same ideal principles as a fair use of things. Work, regardless of its nature and kind, should never encroach upon people’s life, their rest, the time they need to find a balance between their soul and their body.

This is the reason why in the Solomeo company there is maybe just one single thing that is banned: it is forbidden to work past the agreed working time. Employers should never steal the soul of their workers by depriving them of the time they need to lead a healthy life. Employees in Solomeo are invited not to send emails or to be available for business purposes past the end of their working time. And even during work, we have realised that talking on the phone rather than just communicating via email can be more effective and satisfying.

In this regard, it is worth recalling a suitable statement by Saint Benedict who warned that every day we should 'look after our mind through studying, our soul through praying and work'.