Brunello Cucinelli awarded the "GQ Designer of The Year 2023" prize in China

The Solomeo designer was presented with the prestigious award from the noble men's fashion magazine for being a trend-setter in fashion and lifestyle

Brunello Cucinelli receives the award from Roger Lynch, Global Chief Executive Officer of Condé Nast, and from Chinese model He Cong

On the 7th of December 2023, in Puyuan, in the Zhejiang province, Brunello Cucinelli received the prestigious "Designer of the Year" award from the Chinese edition of the famous men's fashion magazine GQ China.

In September 2021, the Umbrian entrepreneur had already been presented with this very important award from "British GQ", for "his belief in Humanistic Capitalism and for having brought prestige to Italian excellence in the world". In the same year, Brunello Cucinelli received an invitation to speak before the world leaders gathered in Rome for the G20 summit, where he portrayed his dream of seeking a new, harmonious respect for the planet and achieving the full moral and economic dignity of the human being.

Brunello together with Rocco Liu, Gq China Magazine Editor-in-Chief

In 2023, after a wonderful start to the year in March with the prestigious Neiman Marcus Fashion Award received in Paris, Brunello Cucinelli has achieved another very important recognition for the values of high craftsmanship and the dignity of manual labour, in the name of Italian genius and the values of Humanistic Capitalism and Human Sustainability.

“I am deeply honoured by the “Men of the Year 2023” award presented to me by the prestigious men's fashion magazine GQ China in the fascinating setting of Puyuan and it is with delight that I thank the entire GQ team, starting from Roger Lynch, Will Welch, Gill Zhou to Rocco Liu Editor in Chief of GQ China. The past two years have been very special for the life of our Casa di Moda, years brightened by moving events – such as the invitation to speak at the G20 summit in Rome – as well as by prestigious awards, such as the one presented in London by British GQ and the “Neiman Marcus Fashion Award” received in Paris. I dedicate this accolade to all the youth of mankind, and to them I say: act as sentinels of Creation, do not turn your backs on poverty, seek harmony between profit and giving back, balance your time between soul, mind and body, and smile at life! When your soul is heavy, when something fails you, when someone humiliates you, go out into the open, raise your eyes to the sky and you will find serenity again. An ancient Chinese proverb from 2500 years ago reads: "If your plan is to harvest in one year, sow rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; if your plan is for one hundred years, educate mankind". I have always followed these words”.
Brunello Cucinelli

Photographs by Gavin Bond©