The Decline of Consumerism in favor of a Fair Use of Things

14 December 2014

Today we are experiencing a true change as far as consumption is concerned. Perhaps we had slightly crossed the line with our consumption over the last few years. In order to survive, man should simply use things, rather than consuming them. Consuming means impoverishing and depleting, whereas if we use our resources reasonably, they have the time to grow back.

This is also true for ideals, which are somehow regenerating too, nowadays. This applies to all times, it is a human thing. Many centuries ago, Epicurus had realized this clearly.

Nowadays there seems to be a comeback of a more reasonable, more realistic use of things, and at the same time we are experiencing a sort of decline of consumerism. The wellbeing of society coincides with a fair use of things, therefore a gracious, sustainable and healthy growth turns out to be perhaps more human.