Letter to a human being

Paracelsus, medicus

Paracelsus once said: "We see the stars, but they alone do not make up the sky".

What is happening today is less beautiful than the stars, but his remark still holds true. We are faced with something that worries us a little, but this something alone does not make up the whole of Creation. Creation has its immense and eternal harmony, which always returns to its stable balance.

Some time ago I wrote a letter to an imaginary Chinese friend, because I wanted to make them feel my closeness as they were experiencing some difficulty. But today, in beautiful Shanghai, in various Chinese cities, people are beginning to return to the streets; what caused fear only a month ago has already begun to decline, the human positive thought prevails, worries slip away, life as always returns.

Personally, I restate my belief that being naturally concerned is very different from feeling insidious anxiety. The former one is human, the latter I do not know. Scientists in different parts of the world agree, they have ascertained the manageable extent of the virus, some of the greatest among them have expressed this view. The governments of the different countries have acted properly and authoritatively in agreement with each other. Why should we be afraid? We are one step away from managing what is feared perhaps more than the real thing. "The Sleep of Reason produces monsters," so Goya titled one of his "Los Caprichos" where monstrous birds circled over a sleeping man.

Not long ago, in 2008, a rather serious economic crisis occurred, and no one knew how it would end. But what is happening today has nothing in common with that recession, because until a month ago the world economy was doing well, and also because that crisis was a structural one, while today's crisis ensues from current circumstances. Perhaps what is happening may result in some destabilisation, but it is only temporary. Time will help - a short time - patch up the uncertainty, and once again we will see open frontiers, hands shaking, we will see smiles; we will spontaneously resume that uniformity of thought that leads to tranquillity, driven towards the harmony of Creation for the bright future that awaits us.

Corriere della Sera - 28 February 2020