Company Longevity

The fifth Decalogue, which is a natural extension of the previous four, is the sublimation of the ideals that inspired it, and the objectives that we want our company to pursue resolutely in the years to come.
These are the reasons and philosophical principles by which we wish to conduct our human and business activities, in keeping with the values and moral promises that enlighten us.
Longevity means a company that can last two centuries or more by following the rhythm of nature, a company where the highest ethical values are an inspiration for life, so it was natural for us to express our vision of the world in the following ten bullet points.

I. Greed does not benefit humans because it forces the rules of nature.
II. Arrogance is not profitable, as it does not last long.
III. We act based on the belief that we are eternal: and so we build solidly and earnestly preserve what we have built.
IV. We cultivate talent because its fruits nourish creativity.
V. The ambition to train and educate is the only one that counts beyond individual limits, because every decision must be made together, not by oneself.
VI. An international enterprise belongs to owners at an international level.
VII. The CEO of a company must be replaced every 12-15 years.
VIII. If we are able to change, we will reinvent ourselves, just as nature reinvents itself.
IX. For a company, sufficient liquidity is like mother yeast stored in a cupboard.
X. Every ten years, more or less, there is a crisis, and after every crisis there is new growth: this is what history teaches us.