To Our Esteemed Partners

I. We would like your workplaces to be pleasant and welcoming.
II. It would be great if the relationship with your co-workers were always as genuine and smooth as it is now.
III. We believe in the key value called equal pay, without any distinction.
IV. When carrying out work for our company, we would like your co-workers to devote a fair amount of hours to these tasks without overworking.
V. It would be commendable if you too favoured an ongoing generation turnover, like we do.
VI. We would appreciate it if - in everything you do - you always took into proper account the development and respect of the local area.
VII. We strongly wish that our attitude towards you continued to be loyal and authentic.
VIII. We find it valuable to always cooperate very closely together - as it is the case with us - fully aware of our full and mutual independence.
IX. We would be glad to keep supporting the planet together, using the resources of Creation according to the ancient laws of nature.
X. We would like to maintain the commendable tradition of our annual meetings where, whilst discussing the future and our plans, we strengthen the pleasant relationship we have shared for so long.