I. We have always pursued a fair profit achieved with ethics, dignity and morals, manufacturing highly artisanal products that wouldn't damage Creation, or as little as possible.
II. We fully acknowledge the responsibility we have for what we build on the planet hosting us. For this reason we build our factories in keeping with the spirit of the place, refurbishing and adjusting existing facilities and sparing the Earth instead of further consuming it.
III. Any revamping plan for our factories always contains a landscape plan, an architectural plan, a maintenance plan and a plan to promote the facilities' duration over time. No man-made intervention is acceptable unless it is compatible with the regeneration of the land.
IV. It is a moral duty to use the resources of Creation pursuant to the ancient laws of nature. For this reason a healthy use of waters and their recovery takes centre-stage in our life and work project. The same also goes for all the other resources, which we use with grace and the utmost focus on climate change.
V. Everywhere in the world the ancients worshipped Mother Earth as a main divinity, each according to their traditions. Its value has not decreased over the centuries: for this reason, our crops - olives, grapes, wheat, fruit - are grown according to nature. Similarly, our natural produce is used to prepare food that is then served in our company canteen.
VI. From the very start of our business we have wanted our cashmere products to be made exclusively in our wonderful country, Italy, to be passed down to the next generations. We wanted them to be crafted artisanally with top-notch quality raw materials.
VII. Our mothers taught us that the art of darning and mending highlights the value of things. John Ruskin used to say that we must necessarily accept the end of the objects we use, still we must do our best to make them last longer. This is precisely the purpose of mending and in our company we have a specific department devoted to it.
VIII. Heritage has taught us from the very beginning to use natural fibers for our products. This choice, like the one for quality, enables us to do our part to spare Creation.
IX. We like to do our best to support our raw material suppliers to grant them moral and economic dignity. We are keen to tell our customers that the products they purchase are the result of a mindful process that respects all stakeholders contributing to their making.
X. Like Pericles in Athens, we too were taught to "respect the magistrates and the law, and to remember that we must protect the victims of offence". We were also taught to "respect the unwritten laws that reside in the universal feeling of what is right and common sense".