To Our Gracious Co-Workers

I. We have always seen to it that our workplaces were well-tended and welcoming, providing all workers with the possibility to look up and see the sky.
II. We all work a fair amount of hours and share the same working times; nobody is online for business reasons on Saturdays or Sundays.
III. We have always seen to it that wages were on average a bit higher for everybody, without any distinction.
IV. In our company we want everyone to enjoy equal opportunities, fully aware of the value of one's knowledge.
V. We have striven to promote healthy relationships of esteem and trust among workers, whom we call "thinking souls".
VI. We believe in the relevance of culture as a way to improve human beings. That's why we try to gently foster it.
VII. We are aware that the passing down of knowledge develops talent. That's why we have set up the School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts in Solomeo.
VIII. If our company lasts for centuries, as we hope, this will be the result of the generation turnover that we have always promoted over time.
IX. It is our custom to meet on a regular basis during the year to discuss things, so that everyone is up to date as to how the business is evolving.
X. We never stop looking for genius in people, and when we find it we go out of our way to enhance it.