Fall-Winter 2022

Photograph by Fabrizio FerriĀ©, 1991

The advertorial image renews the sense of emotions experienced together. In many respects, the meeting of the two faces represents an echo of our past and at the same time our feelings of faith towards the future, humanity, and the ideals that have so far guided us and continue to be a point of reference.

The image, which is the work of photographer Fabrizio Ferri, comes from our archives. It was used in 1991 as an advertorial image that without the need for words expressed the humanistic ideals at the helm of the young Solomeo company, which at the time was just a small artisanal Italian business, ever growing and determined to instill its philosophy in the recently restored hamlet.

Today, we are able to look at this image with new perspectives, uniting, as like a window to the soul, the sentiment of our origins, the significance of the recent challenges faced together with all our collaborators and the confidence we have in our future projects. Our gaze is still rich with genuine passion for the work we carry out on a daily basis, filled with trust in the human, ethical and sustainable principles at the foundation of the company, and with complete hope in a future of harmony and unity between all people.