Let us restore to time its value, for that is surely the most precious thing to which we can aspire. We no longer pursue it, afraid never to reach it; nor do we waste it, vainly trying to out run or chase after it, to constrict or expand it, in order to steal but a moment.

Let us restore to time its full value: all of time, made as it of uncertain expectations, and both foreseen and unforeseen disappointments; but also of free time, but only apparently free – being, rather, a time of happy reflection and recollection, a time which we all defend jealously, and which is no less important than any other.

Let us restore to time its value, through small everyday gestures, through an appreciation of the world around us, through friendship, and through what is most dear to us. For it is now time to respect time.

Together, time is never wasted.