In classical Greece one single word was used to signify craftsmanship and art: Technè. This is a very interesting fact, since it highlights the deep-running link that binds art to craftsmanship.

This concept lasted until after the Renaissance and is testified by the works of a great humanist artist, critic and scholar, Giorgio Vasari. Art started to be considered as a separate field from technique and craftsmanship as late as in the eighteenth century, with the prevalence of Reason during the Enlightenment.

Today the Brunello Cucinelli company identifies its truest meaning and aesthetic research in manual work and craftsmanship. These are the most authentic expressions of people’s humanity and creativity, and they are essential to us.

1992 Mondo Economico
1998 La Nazione

Italian manual skills and craftsmanship shine through in the beauty of our products, in our heritage, in our identity.

Our products live through time, as they represent the combination of industry and craftsmanship; the whole world is fascinated by the products of our land, by our care in the selection of raw materials, as well as by the search for top-notch quality and creativity in each and every stage of the production value chain.

The secret lies in always finding the right measure, in seeing the most advanced technology always as a tool, never as an end, in combining manual work and creativity with contemporary and innovative tools. If one has a clear idea about the above, one can always rest assured to adopt the suitable measure and to use tools only to serve craftsmanship, which has absolute priority.

la fabbrica di Solomeo
la fabbrica di Solomeo

«When our soul is full of sentiment, our work is full of fascination.» (Vauvenargues)

L'artigianalità italiana

For these purposes, the School of Arts and Crafts was established in the hamlet of Solomeo, a place whose aim is to rediscover and enhance old crafts, passing them down through generations. The School curriculum covers subjects such as Pattern Making and Women’s Tailoring, Cutting and Men’s Tailoring, Mending and Linking, Horticulture, Gardening and Masonry. The School reflects the company’s deep connection with the art of craftsmanship, which is a symbol of the Italian cultural heritage, an element that is highly appreciated and recognized worldwide.

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