The Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation

The Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation was established in 2010 with the purpose of spreading and translating into practice the ideals that have fed the humanistic goal of Solomeo. The purpose of its agenda is to support any initiative enhancing knowledge, protecting the land and its monuments, highlighting the value of tradition, promoting spiritual and daily values of mankind.

Foto di Famiglia

These are the values that are being revived and rediscovered today, and they need to be nurtured and sustained in a special manner. All over the world – thanks to the Internet – young people especially are going back to those ideals that for centuries have guided the Spirit of the world and generated all the different traditions, heritage and customs around which society was shaped and still hinges on. All over the world ideals are essential to appreciate and rediscover the human beings and the environment where they live.

Targa Seeneca

«To live is to be useful to others.» (Seneca)

The Foundation, in its conviction “that the future is neither wholly ours nor wholly not ours”, aims to put the human beings and their ideals at the very core of everything, both in their glorious prime and also in the weakest times of old age, youth, sickness, loneliness. It aims to restore human dignity both in the workplace and personal life, placing a special emphasis on the local community and territory, and specifically on suburbs of all kinds, in line with the expectations of a happy life as conceived by Brunello and Federica Cucinelli.

Any initiative started by the Foundation has as its direct or indirect goal the promotion of a happy life in the Epicurean sense of the term, namely a life where excess and shortage are offset according to the material and spiritual true needs of the human being, since over the last few years a balance has been missing. Epicurus’ Letter on Happiness represents the cornerstone and the ethical inspiration of the Foundation itself, as well as its very same raison d’être:

«He who has a clear and certain understanding of these things will direct every preference and aversion toward securing health of body and tranquillity of mind».

Brunello e Federica Cucinelli

With these objectives, the Foundation promotes a variety of different projects, wishing to contribute to the happiness and improvement of the human spirit, also through actions designed to restore the beauty of places. At the heart of the Foundation’s activities, both in Italy and abroad, are a series of cultural activities, initiatives for the preservation of the artistic heritage and programs aimed at supporting the people as well as improving the towns they live and work in. The many initiatives carried out in Solomeo and in its surrounding areas are an example of the Foundation’s aspirations. A desire to safeguard, promote and enhance the beauty of the world’s cultural, artistic and natural heritage, of all kinds and everywhere.

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