Over five centuries ago, impassioned observer Leonardo da Vinci noted that, “Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience.” We are still far from understanding the ties we have with Mother Earth; our works and studies are but small steps in the infinite space that our knowledge has yet to cover. But these ties are alive, and work through all of us, who are both caretakers and guests of this universe.

Umbrian tradition has left us centuries of memories and rites, but also a special tie with the land. The image of the caretaking of the vineyards of Solomeo, with the lighting of fires to warm the earth during the late cold spells of April 2017, is an expression of our love for nature, striving to overcome difficulties and calamities with pride and compassion. The harmonious interweaving of cultivated fields, houses, hills, pastures, and villages forms the score of our perpetual song to nature. These are the fruits of a passion and care for life, meant as a union of all creation and as a noble pact passed down from generation to generation.

Beauty will save the world


Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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