La Bellezza

«I felt responsible for the beauty of the world». With this very ancient statement, the Roman emperor Hadrian breathed new life into this eternal concept, which also encompasses every single aspect of our life in Solomeo.

«Mi sentivo responsabile delle 
bellezze del mondo» Adriano

«I felt responsible for the beauty of the world» (Hadrian)

It is the beauty of things, of people, of ideas, of manners, of words. It is the beauty of life. The world is beautiful, the future is beautiful and bright. Beauty is not mere appearance, nor an external feature or something that only matters in the surface. Beauty is the shape of the inner qualities of people and things. Wherever there is beauty, there is positivity.

Skyline Solomeo

Beauty, in the vast majority of cases, coincides with simplicity. Simplicity does not mean a lack of ideas or resources, but rather the essence of exciting things, of great treasures. Only great people can speak of great things with simplicity. When people are surrounded by simplicity, everything becomes clearer, beauty can be understood and every human quality is somehow enhanced, it is brought out to the full.


«Only through beauty can man ascend to God.» (Plotinus)

1997 WWD

Therefore, in Solomeo Beauty can be found in every place where we live and work: it can be found in the medieval castle, where the School for Arts and Crafts is currently headquartered, in the houses and in the gardens, as well as in the valley, where modernity is smoothly intertwined with the agricultural heritage of the countryside, and where people can work surrounded by a widespread garden.

1996 La Nazione
1998 Corriere dell'Umbria

Combining the ancient with the modern, corporate objectives with human needs, is the secret of a company that is looked upon by many because of its innovative drive.

Il Teatro Cucinelli di sera
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