My Creed

I believe in a humanistic enterprise: business should comply in the noblest manner with all the rules of ethics that man has devised over the centuries. I dream about a form of humanistic modern capitalism with strong ancient roots, where profit is made without harm or offence to anyone, and part of it is set aside for any initiative that can really improve the condition of human life: services, schools, places of worship and cultural heritage.

Brunello Cucinelli

In my organization the focal point is the common good, which is the guiding force in pursuing prudent and courageous actions. In my business, people are at the very center of every production process, because I am convinced that human dignity is restored solely through the rediscovery of the conscience. Work elevates human dignity and the emotional ties that derive from it.

1996 Settimanale dell'Umbria
1996 Fashion

On my daily path I heed the words of the great people from the past, from Socrates to Seneca and Kant, from Marcus Aurelius to Alexander the Great and Saint Benedict. I believe in the quality and beauty of handcrafted products; I don't think there can be any quality without humanity.

I love the mild mysticism permeating my beloved Umbria, the same mysticism that also belonged to Saint Francis of Assisi, who loved beauty and simplicity. I am proud to be Umbrian; proud of my passion for philosophy and restoration and for everything that helps restore beauty and dignity to the things that man’s oblivion has buried under the dust of time.

In the humanistic enterprise of Solomeo we work and pursue the same objective, but above all we comply with a system of non-material beliefs that we all acknowledge as part of our entire company.

Marcus Aurelius

«In human life seek justice, truth, temperance and courage, and you will profit from the supreme good that you have discovered» (Marcus Aurelius)

Work as an expression of the human value also becomes part of spirituality and pursues the purpose of the Ultimate Good. Profit-making is inborn in the kind of business we deal with, yet it is not everything to me.

1999 Il Sole 24 Ore
1994 Settimanale dell'Umbria

I would not like to live in a world where everything boils down to mere profit. Money is valuable only when it is spent to improve man’s life and growth, and this is the end that I struggle to achieve.

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