Around 2010, due to the staggering expansion of the business, the company headquarters were moved permanently to the valley, which was then almost entirely covered with industrial buildings and warehouses.

That’s when Brunello came up with an idea that earned him his wife Federica’s loving nickname of “lunatic”. This innovative concept was immediately named Project for Beauty.

The Project for Beauty

"The Project for Beauty", scale model 1/500 of the general composition

Brunello had always been fascinated by the ancient idea of the genius loci, the spirit of the place, a genie that had always spoken to him in his silent and mellow language, when as a child he pulled the oxen guiding them to properly plough the fields.


The Project for Beauty, in its conceptual simplicity and greatness, envisaged the development of a huge park covering a hundred hectares and broken down into three areas.

The Industry Park includes the new corporate headquarters, harmoniously located in the middle of a large garden; the facilities overlook the garden through the large glass windows running along the entire plant; the Agricultural park features thriving orchards, golden fields of wheat and silvery expanses of alfalfa, a maze-shaped vineyard and an olive tree grove with the trees planted in a circle resembling the shape of the world; and finally The Park of the Secular Youth Centre Park, with lots of trees surrounding a small football pitch without barriers, is a recreational area designed for the young.

The beauty of this project, currently about to be completed, draws its strength from the brilliant simplicity of the idea. Its greatness has to do with the remarkable commitment taken on by the Cucinelli family, which purchased and then demolished several industrial works and plants, which had been built over the years and cluttered the valley.

Now, the ancient genius of the place has returned and speaks to whomever is willing to listen to his chant of wind, of sun, of moon, of cicadas, of rain, of the scent of flowers and hay.

The Park from Solomeo
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